Side Dishes for the Holidays

I fondly recall many wonderful family gatherings for the fall/winter holiday seasons, which always brought out some of the best meals of the year. Memories of special dishes like the elegant Standing Bison Roast, Standing Beef Rib Roast, Roasted Peking Ducks, and huge Roasted Turkeys, come to mind instantly. But, just as memorable, are some of the side dishes that accompanied those meals, particularly those that were specialties of loved ones.

Green Beans with Pecans and Blue Cheese
Green Beans with Toasted NutsGreen beans are an ever-present side dish, and there are at least hundreds of variations on how to prepare them. This recipe uses a mustard, vinegar and shallot dressing, and toasted pecans to create an elegant flavor that goes well with a number of main-course meat dishes.
The recipe is here.

Lea’s Cole Slaw
Sweet & Sour Cole SlawThis is an attractive and tasty side dish that uses cabbage, carrots, and celery, (or 2 pounds of pre-packaged Cole slaw mix), paired with a sweet sour dressing. If you need to make a last minute adjustment to sweeten the flavor, you can use honey or other liquid sweetener. The recipe is here.

Orange & Gold Potatoes Au Gratin
gold-and-yellow-potato-casserole_smlThis is a colorful potato dish that uses sweet potatoes and gold potatoes sliced into thin slices for easy baking. Take the flavor and texture in the direction that’s best for your meal by selecting the proper cheese; Romano for creaminess, Asiago for saltiness, or Parmesan for saltiness and nuttiness. The recipe is here.

Sour Cream and Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
Horseradish and sour cream potatoesPrefer a mashed potato with a fresh spin on the flavor? This recipe uses your choice of red or golden potatoes with their waxy texture and thin skins are excellent for eating unpeeled, and they’re great boiled or roasted). Combine with ricotta cheese and a little fresh horseradish for a hint of flavor without the heat. This dish always gets a lot of “Yum!s.” The recipe is here.

Lea’s Sweet Swedish Meatball Appetizers
Swedish MeatballsThis is a fun and flavor-full slow cooker appetizer that is always a hit for family gatherings. Often times self-served from the slow cooker, the hot appetizer can be scooped up and placed on a small plate for a walk-around treat. Using cooked, frozen, Italian meatballs, chili sauce and jelly, this simple recipe is sure to delight, and is always a favorite for the children. The recipe is here.

Marjorie’s Very Crunchy Sweet Pickles
Marjorie's Crunchy Sweet PicklesThese sweet pickles are so easy to make, and are better than any other homemade or store bought pickles you’ll run across. It takes about a week to make them, but, they are SO crunchy they are a long time favorite, and one you’re sure to enjoy! The recipe is here.

There are many other great side-dish recipes to choose from, and invite you to search for those that interests you on our Side Dish page.


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