Miscellaneous Cooking Goodies

Every cook has a catch-all drawer or container where we keep the tools that don’t deserve counter space since we only use them occasionally. The same is true of those treasured occasional recipes and “how-to” notes that get stuck away until “next time.” We keep ours here in the Vaughn household on our Misc (Miscellaneous) page. From Appetizers, Sauces, Seasoning, and Tips and Terms, we have some real gems for your chef’s crown.

We are often asked about that, and we have great information on spices ranging from allspice, basil and bay leaves to thyme, turmeric and vanilla. You’ll find great details on how to combine flavors to please every pallet. Not only have we provided some detail about each of our favorite spices, we also share basic, but essential, insights from our own experience, such as when to use dried herbs and spices, and when to use fresh. Get the insight here.

Essential knowledge for cooks at every level, from beginner to professional, here is how to take your culinary offerings to the next level. This section of our Misc page features great information from French, Jamaican, Cajun, Italian and American-fusion cooking. Emeril’s famous Essence, dry rubs, marinades, mirepoix, and the Cajun/Creole holy trinity, are all front and center in this section. Check it out here.

Bread Pudding with Caramel SauceMAKING SAUCES
While requiring some practice, making sauces is a part of almost every main course recipe. We share not only how to make delicious gravies and pan sauces and reductions, but we also detail recipes for sauces for main dishes, side dishes, and even desserts. BBQ, chili, pizza, spaghetti and lasagna sauces share this category with cinnamon, raisin and shrimp cocktail sauces. Find the info here.

Sweet Chili Meatball AppetizersAPPETIZERS
These delicious and eye-catching little bites set the mood for parties, family get-togethers and events of every kind. This section includes toothpick or fork varieties like sweet meatballs, monkey bread, twice baked potato skins and purple pickled eggs. Finger foods include dill dip for rye bread, garlic chips, candied citrus rinds, and more.

And, finally, our Tips and Terms section includes tips on how to cook great steaks, roasting charts and how to truss a roulade. Other useful aids include food prep terms, food safety guidelines, and how to freeze herbs, as well as how to blend and process hot liquids, steaming hard eggs, and how to make homemade egg noodles. Find all the info here

Chock full of information we love to share, our Misc page provides those “keepers” that deserve a place in every cook’s collection.


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