Spring Into Summer Recipes

When we start getting those occasional warm sunny days that break the monotony of ole’ man winter, we begin looking forward to spring’s arrival. Along with blooms and blossoms our thoughts turn to our favorite, lighter, warm season dishes including succulent fruits and vegetables, luscious summer salads, and comforting entrees. Here’s a look at some of our most popular recipes.

Fried Dill Pickle SpearsOne of our favorite appetizer recipes is Fried Dill Pickle Spears. Ours is double-dipped, covered with crunchy panko, and skillet fried for stovetop convenience, and easy cleanup. While we’re breading and frying, check out our Herb Oil Fried Zucchini, sprinkled with Romano or Parmesan cheese, Breaded Mushrooms with a crunchy panko crust, Sweet Chili Meatballs (meat on a stick), and, Marjorie’s Very Crunchy Sweet Pickles. These are all pallet pleasing appetizers that will delight your friends and family.

Wedge salad all dressed upSalads set the stage for what’s to come, and whether you are doing a light lunch, or formal dinner, there’s a salad that is right for that occasion. Our Wedge Salad with Bacon, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecans, shown here, can be made large or small to fit your needs, but clearly establishes that you have created something special! Other spring salads that delight include Larry’s Cheesy Pear Salad, Lea’s Cole Slaw, with delicate sweet sour dressing, Pear Salad, or our Fennel-Lemon Green Bean Salad. And, if you’re in the mood for an oriental salad, here’s our Mock Applebee’s Oriental Salad Dressing. This one is a real hit!

Corn and Peas Side DishMarjorie’s Corn and Peas is a wonderful side dish all year long, but its bright colors make it a favorite in the spring when scenery begins to turn green. Lightly sauteed in olive oil, our Summer Squash with Fresh Chives and Sage brings delightful flavors to a quick and simple warm weather dish. A longtime lunch favorite is Tuscan Grilled Vegetable Antipasto, often served alongside Honey Roasted Cippolini Onions just to keep things light.

Alfredo and Triple Cheese Portobello
Alfredo and Triple Cheese Portobello

Lighter fare entrees include our Alfredo and Triple Cheese Portobello Mushroom, a meaty and flavorful alternative to heavier luncheon choices that leave you overstuffed. Another great dish for lunch or dinner is the beautiful Baked White Fish With Toasted Almonds based on the flavors of celery soup, coconut flakes and white grapes! Blackened Salmon Fillets and Blackened Swordfish Steaks weigh in on the lighter side, while delivering tons of flavor and satisfying the appetite. And, for a little change up, our Butterflied Chicken Grill never fails to delight!

Even lighter-side desserts are favored in warmer months, especially those that are cool, like a
Berry Medley with Limoncello, chilled fruits and served in a chilled bowl or glass. For a little bit of a change, try Black Cherries, Pineapple & Feta with Limoncello , or Honey Brandy Orange Supremes served over Low Cal vanilla ice cream. And, of course, as the days change from warm to hot, you can’t beat Sangria Ice! It’s an adult style icee with citrus flavors that delight the pallet.

You’ll have no trouble satisfying all the appetites around your lunch or dinner tables with these recipes that also let you relax and enjoy the tastes of summer. Enjoy!


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