12 Baked Desserts for Every Occasion

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Yummy buttered brown sugar creates a pallet pleasing sticky sauce on top of pineapple slices dotted with maraschino cherries, all of which top a moist yellow cake mix, creating an old time favorite that still sings deliciousness. Click here for the recipe and directions.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cake

Grandmas across time passed down this traditional oatmeal cake made with oats, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and coconut topped with chopped walnuts. A hearty, filling and warming, cake perfectly created for the winter season has survived many generations. Click here for recipe details and baking directions.

Tres Leches Cake

A luscious, luxurious, extra moist cake that eats like a pie and just seems to melt around and hug your taste buds! This wonderful dessert is based on an Alton Brown recipe, with a little extra south-of-the-border flair. A long time favorite, this dessert will have folks coming back for seconds! Click here for the recipe and cooking instructions.

Chocolate Eclair Cake

Vanilla pudding, graham crackers and cocoa combine in this wonderfully delicious dessert, which is one of Lea’s favorites, dating back to her days in Home-Economics in high school. It easily scales up and down to fit your needs. For smaller batches, with less sugar, the boiling time to thicken will be slightly less. Click here to find the ingredients and cooking directions.

Gooey Butter Cake

This recipe has been a family favorite since 1975, and I have passed it on to lots of friends. Our son, Lance, used to ask for this cake for his birthdays, well into adulthood! By the way, there is a chocolate version, too! Click here for the buttery vanilla recipe, and click here for the chocolate version.

Fudge Delight Cake

This was one of Gene Vaughn’s (Larry’s dad) favorite desserts. He requested it often when he and Marjorie traveled from Moberly, Missouri to visit our family in Holts Summit, Missouri during 1974 to 1979. My friends were always happy when I brought this super moist cake to work for pitch-ins! Click here for the recipe and cooking directions.

Apple Dump Cake

This is very simple recipe that Larry learned as a Boy Scout, and still enjoys cooking it over an open fire in cast iron. It is always a hit when served warm with ice cream or cool whip on top. The cinnamon sugar gives it just the tiniest little bit of crunch. Click here for the recipe and cooking instructions.

Pear Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

This delightful recipe is simple, but elegant, and imparts the subtle and delicate flavor of luscious pears which is enhanced by the butterscotch sauce. English muffins and pear halves combine for a delightful texture, and topped with a buttery butterscotch sauce. Click here for the recipe and simple directions.

Lea’s Peach Cobbler

This recipe makes two 9″ pies or one gorgeous 9″X13″ splendor. Sugar, cinnamon nutmeg, butter and tapioca are mixed with sliced peaches in syrup to make a succulently tasty delight. Click here for the recipe and directions. Elevate this treat even more by using Lea’s Pie Dough for the crust. Click here for the dough recipe.

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Granny Smith and Johnathan apples in this classic deliver a very well balanced combination that is sweet-sour, warming, and pleasing. One of the great variations on this pie is melting a slice of cheddar cheese on top when serving, and then drizzling with a cinnamon sauce. Click here for the recipe and directions. Here’s another opportunity to elevate your treat by using Lea’s Pie Dough for the crust. Click here for the dough recipe.

Butternut Creme Pie

This delicious pie is a nice alternative to the fruit and creme pies that make regular appearances at harvest season get-togethers. During the fall, when squash is overflowing the shelves at the market, pick up a butternut squash and try this silky smooth variation. Click here for the recipe and construction instruction.

Poached Stuffed Pears

Here is an elegant dessert that always wins compliments for its eye appeal and flavors. We have used a number of pear varieties for this treat and they always come out delicious. The filling can contain raisins and whatever variety of nuts you have on hand. This makes a very attractive dish when served slightly opened, with a little of the pan juices spooned over them. Add a little garnish at the top just for the contrasting color. Click here for the recipe and directions.

We have many more recipes available under our Dessert heading, as well as Entrees, Sides, and Salads. There are other headings, too. Browse the site and find your favorites. It’s like thumbing through Lea’s old time cook book!


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