Portobello Mushrooms in Rosa Cream Sauce

Portobello Mushroom Cleaned and Stuffed
Serves 2

Stuffing Ingredients:
2 large Portobello mushroom caps, stem and gills removed
1/2 cup chopped spinach, well drained
1 Roma tomato sliced top to bottom
1 large egg
1/2 tsp finely minced garlic
1/2 Tbsp diced onion
2 Tbsp shredded cheddar cheese
1 Tbsp Romano cheese, grated
1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese, grated
2 grinds fresh ground black pepper
1/3 tsp salt
1/2 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs or panko
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp butter

Stuffing Directions:
1. Preheat oven to 375 F
2. Sauté the onion and garlic in oil & butter over medium heat until translucent
3. Remove the skillet from heat, remove cooked garlic & onion (reserve the pan and oil/butter for Rosa sauce)
4. In a large mixing bowl, stir together spinach, egg, cheddar cheese, black pepper, salt and bread crumbs or panko
5. Add the cooled garlic and onion and stir to combine
6. Place 2 slices of tomato in each cap
7. Compose 1/2 of the spinach mixture into each cap, mounding if needed
8. Combine the Parmesan and Romano cheese and spread on top of the mixture, then sprinkle with smoked paprika
9. Place stuffed mushrooms caps on a sheet pan stuffing side up and bake for 20 minutes, then reduce heat to warm, and hold until the Rosa sauce is ready

Portobello Mushroom Process

Rosa Cream Sauce Ingredients:
Skillet with olive oil & butter from the previous step (supplement with more oil/butter if needed)
1 small yellow onion, finely diced
1 tsp garlic, minced then smashed to paste
1 (14.5 ounce) cans Italian-style diced tomatoes, with liquid
3/4 tsp white sugar
1 1/2 cups heavy cream, room temperature
1 Tbsp fresh basil leaves, chopped (or 1/2 Tbsp dried basil)
1/4 tsp dried oregano
2 Tbsp shredded Asiago cheese
2 Tbsp Romano cheese, grated
2 Tbsp Parmesan cheese, grated
1/4 tsp salt
2 grinds fresh ground black pepper
1/2 tsp dried parsely leaves

Rosa Cream Sauce Directions:
1. Sauté the onion and garlic in olive oil & butter over medium heat until translucent
2. Add tomatoes with their liquid, sugar, oregano, salt and pepper (dried basil if using)
3. Bring to boil and continue to boil 5 minutes or until most of the liquid evaporates
4. Remove from heat; cool slightly; stir in tempered heavy cream
5. Return to medium heat and simmer 5 minutes
6. Remove from heat, stir in the cheeses, and spoon sauce into serving bowl, place mushrooms in the center of the sauce, sprinkle sauce with dried parsley flakes, and serve immediately.

Larry Puts Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms in OvenStuffed portobello mushrooms make a wonderful one-dish entree, while the smaller versions make delightful appetizers. These are fairly quick and simple recipes once you remove the mushroom gills. Set aside while you prepare the stuffing. After putting the stuffed mushrooms in the oven, start the Rosa sauce, and they will finish about the same time.