God’s Recipe (and Ours)

230px-god2-sistine_chapelGod has a recipe for every one.
I am sure there is one of you.
Take 15 minutes the first of each day,
To lay on Him your burden as you pray.

Use s lot of His love as you open your heart
To the need of others about.
It will sweeten each hour, give strength for each task
And drive all bitterness out.

Take of His peace; it is promised you too.
A measure of joy and laughter is fine.
Blend this with faith, abundant and true
Add patience and meekness, to others be kind.

Yes, there is life abundant for every one.
It is promised in His book.
But for good things to eat and hints that are fine,
May make your work easier and save you time.
Then turn the page of this book…
Give it some attention, not just one look.

Read each recipe as you are going through,
You may find them helpful even to you.
Follow each recipe with care.
Your favorite one may be there.
For this book is made up of many good dishes.
And from our hearts to yours come our best wishes.

The photo above is a 16th century depiction of Genesis (Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel): God creates Adam.

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