Sweet Chili Meatball Appetizers

Sweet Chili Meatball AppetizersIngredients:
1 pkg (3-4 lbs) frozen, cooked, Italian meatballs
1 (12 oz) jar grape jelly
1 (12 oz) bottle of chili sauce
1 box of toothpicks (or other serving method, as desired)
paper plates or bowls

1. Place meatballs, grape jelly and chili sauce in slow cooker
2. Cook on high until thawed, stirring frequently to combine
3. Reduce to low setting, and heat until served
4. Place the toothpicks and paper goods next to the slow cooker and let the guests serve themselves

Lea staging oiled buns for the ovenThis is a treat that Lea has used to create wonderful appetizers for all types of occasions. The recipe was given to her as part of a recipe exchange in the Domestic Arts class in junior high school, where the youngsters were taught homemaking skills, including basic cooking. This has been a favorite in our family for a sweet treat that competes very well with all the usual appetizers, and, it is the easiest to put together with this slow-cooker version.