Parmesan Crisp


Grated parmesan cheese
Spices or flavoring, if desired

Directions: pix-2008-parmesan-cheese-bowl
1. Place finely grated parmesan cheese on a broiler pan lined with parchment paper
2. Smooth out the cheese in thin layer, to size you desire
3. Place broiler pan 6″ below preheated broiler
4. Cook to desired color/texture (5-8 minutes)
5. Set aside to cool, approximately 5 minutes
6. Carefully bend paper away from the cheese, and serve, or store for later use

Cook’s Note: A fun and tasty way to improve the eye appeal of any side dish is to drop the hot crisps over inverted coffee cups. They will droop down and take on the shape of the cup to form an eye catching bowl. The example shown here is flavored with cayenne pepper.

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